By Surgeons, for Surgeons

Members of SAGES can now use SAGES Investment Network Collaboration or “SINC” to invest in compelling opportunities within your industry. Powered by Varia Ventures, SAGES members have easy to use on-line access to invest as little as $10,000 in any company backed by Key Opinion Leaders.


How It Works—The SINC Approach

Follow these steps to create, invest in and monitor
your SINC investments.

1. Create
Create your free SINC account by registering HERE.
2. Login
Login to your SINC account to explore new investment opportunities.
3. Review
Review information like pitch decks and reports to help evaluate your interest in a particular investment.
4. Invest
If you are interested in investing, review and sign the investment documents online.
5. Fund
Fund your investment via wire transfer based on the provided instructions.
6. Monitor
Login to your SINC account to check on your investment and receive notifications!

Funding Now—The Deals


Medical Device

An endoscopic clip for gastrointestinal defects that allows for visual confirmation of successful closure prior to release, with the ability to easily reposition to achieve optimal results.

Raising up to $1.5 million.

Why SINC Likes This Opportunity:
Available for SINC-registered users only



Medical Device

A bougie with Near Infared lighting technology that provides increased visualization to improve safety, consistency, and enable real-time, precise measurements for use in sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

Raising up to $750k.

Why SINC Likes This Opportunity:
Available for SINC-registered users only


SINC FAQ—The Answers

Can I register for SINC without investing?

Yes, you can register and simply review the materials. Registration is free, and there is no obligation to invest.

Can anyone invest?

You must be an “accredited investor” to invest. In general, an “accredited investor” means you have $200k in annual income (individually) or $300k in annual income (with your spouse) for the past two years, or a Net Worth of more than $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence and any mortgage.

Do you have investment minimums?

Yes, in general, the investment minimum is $10,000.

Can I invest through an entity?

Yes, you can invest individually or through an entity or trust.

Should I establish my own LLC to invest in SINC deals?

We recommend discussing the suitability and structure of your investment with your personal advisor.

What do I invest in?

Each investment is its own Delaware Series, LLC, formed for the purpose of investing in the company. This allows us to aggregate smaller investments from across the SINC network and keep the ownership structure simple for the company.

Am I investing in a fund with a portfolio of companies or an individual company?

You are investing in an individual company. We allow investors to “pick and choose” the investments in which they are interested. Each investment is diligenced, and the terms of the investment negotiated, by SAGES and Varia. If you participate in the minimum investment amount in each company that is available through SINC, you can build a diversified portfolio over time. In the future, we may provide an opportunity to invest in a fund.

What if I have questions about the investment?

We plan to hold occasional online Q&A sessions with the company to answer any questions you may have. When registering for a SINC account, you will receive notifications of these sessions in advance.

Who do I contact if I’d like to learn more about SINC?

Please contact if you have any questions about the SINC network or investing.